Thursday, November 7, 2013

Saved Soap Batch

Several months ago I made a batch of soap and forgot to put the avocado oil in at the trace stage to superfat my soap. This is a pretty important step if you want a soap that is mild and not lye heavy. I don't really want to be making "Grandma's scary lye heavy soap". The sad thing is that it smells so good and I'd love to try it.

Frustrated I left the batch to cure, not knowing how I was going to fix the problem. At some point I decided it would probably work to re-batch it by melting the soap down with some water and adding the missing oil into it. Yesterday I tried it. I grated the bars of soap into the crock pot, added water and the missing oil and patiently stirred it for a couple hours while it melted to a liquid consistency. 

Once it was all mixed together I let it cool and harden til it was a good consistency to mold with my hands. Then I formed it into a ball around a rope. I just molded it with my hands. I also tried pressing the soap into a mold with the rope in the middle. 

The ball is kind of fun, but I quickly decided to remelt it and pour it into molds. The bars look and smell great (Cool Water fragrance). I'm looking forward to trying it out after they cure and harden again.

I'm crazy about the Cool Water fragrance. Do you have a favorite fragrance? Share it with us.


  1. i m a pure 100% organic lavender and rose kind of gal. i know. classic. but wonderful.

  2. Lavender and rose sound like a wonderful mix. Love it.