Friday, July 5, 2013

Growing Comfrey

Comfrey is one of my favorite herbs to use in my herbal balm. It is known to help regenerate skin cells, making it a great plant to promote healing. The caution with comfrey, or any product containing the plant, is that you must be sure a wound is clean before using it. You wouldn't want to promote healing and find that you had healed contaminants into the wound. 

I've struggled to grow comfrey as nice as at our previous home. I really think it is a struggle to keep it with enough water to thrive. So this year I have tried something new with the comfrey. I took my small struggling plants from the front yard and figured I'd plant them in the garden, in a spot where I new I was watering the plants in the grow box consistently. There was an open spot of ground right next to the grow box that was getting watered and it seemed worth trying.

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that my struggling little comfrey plants has divided into many new plants. So instead of three plants in a new spot I have about ten. And they are doing so well in their new home with all that space and consistent watering.

I'm pretty excited to make some great herbal balms with some of these leaves.

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